Interface BlockSupport

  • public interface BlockSupport
    • Method Detail

      • setBlockData

        void setBlockData​(org.bukkit.block.Block block,
                          byte data)
        Change a block data only if server version is older than 1.13. On 1.13+ if the given block is Ageable it will assign the given age.
        block - target.
        data - block data.
      • setDurability

        void setDurability​(String oldName,
                           String new_v1_13,
                           float durability)
        Change a block durability.
        oldName - vanilla block name for versions before 1.13.
        new_v1_13 - enum name for 1.13+.
        durability - durability.
      • getBlockBehindSign

        org.bukkit.block.Block getBlockBehindSign​(org.bukkit.block.Block sign)
        sign - sign block.
        the block behind a sign. Null if given block is not a sign.