Interface ITeam

  • public interface ITeam
    • Method Detail

      • getColor

        TeamColor getColor()
        Get team color.
      • getName

        java.lang.String getName()
        Get team name.
      • isMember

        boolean isMember​(org.bukkit.entity.Player player)
        Check if is member.
      • getMembers

        java.util.List<org.bukkit.entity.Player> getMembers()
        Get alive team members.
      • defaultSword

        void defaultSword​(org.bukkit.entity.Player p,
                          boolean value)
      • getBed

        org.bukkit.Location getBed()
        Get bed location.
      • getBowsEnchantments

        java.util.List<TeamEnchant> getBowsEnchantments()
        Get enchantments to be applied on bows.
      • getSwordsEnchantments

        java.util.List<TeamEnchant> getSwordsEnchantments()
        Get enchantments to be applied on swords.
      • getArmorsEnchantments

        java.util.List<TeamEnchant> getArmorsEnchantments()
        Get enchantments to be applied on armors.
      • getSize

        int getSize()
        Get team current size.
      • addPlayers

        void addPlayers​(org.bukkit.entity.Player... players)
        Add a new member to the team
      • firstSpawn

        void firstSpawn​(org.bukkit.entity.Player p)
        Spawn a player for the first spawn.
      • spawnNPCs

        void spawnNPCs()
        Spawn shopkeepers for target team (if enabled).
      • reJoin

        void reJoin​(org.bukkit.entity.Player p)
        Rejoin a team
      • sendDefaultInventory

        void sendDefaultInventory​(org.bukkit.entity.Player p,
                                  boolean clean)
        Gives the start inventory
      • setGenerators

        void setGenerators​(org.bukkit.Location ironGenerator,
                           org.bukkit.Location goldGenerator)
        Spawn the iron and gold generators
      • respawnMember

        void respawnMember​(org.bukkit.entity.Player p)
        Respawn a member. This is after respawn countdown.
      • sendArmor

        void sendArmor​(org.bukkit.entity.Player p)
        Equip a player with default armor
      • addTeamEffect

        void addTeamEffect​(org.bukkit.potion.PotionEffectType pef,
                           int amp,
                           int duration)
        Used when someone buys a new potion effect with apply == members
      • addBaseEffect

        void addBaseEffect​(org.bukkit.potion.PotionEffectType pef,
                           int amp,
                           int duration)
        Used when someone buys a new potion effect with apply == base
      • addEnemyBaseEnterEffect

        void addEnemyBaseEnterEffect​(org.bukkit.potion.PotionEffectType pef,
                                     int amp,
                                     int slot,
                                     int duration)
        Used when someone buys a new potion effect with apply == enemyBaseEnter
      • addBowEnchantment

        void addBowEnchantment​(org.bukkit.enchantments.Enchantment e,
                               int a)
        Used when someone buys a bew enchantment with apply == bow
      • addSwordEnchantment

        void addSwordEnchantment​(org.bukkit.enchantments.Enchantment e,
                                 int a)
        Used when someone buys a new enchantment with apply == sword
      • addArmorEnchantment

        void addArmorEnchantment​(org.bukkit.enchantments.Enchantment e,
                                 int a)
        Used when someone buys a new enchantment with apply == armor
      • wasMember

        boolean wasMember​(java.util.UUID u)
        Check if target has played in this match.
      • isBedDestroyed

        boolean isBedDestroyed()
      • getSpawn

        org.bukkit.Location getSpawn()
      • getShop

        org.bukkit.Location getShop()
      • getTeamUpgrades

        org.bukkit.Location getTeamUpgrades()
      • getUpgradeTier

        java.util.HashMap<java.lang.Integer,​java.lang.Integer> getUpgradeTier()
      • setBedDestroyed

        void setBedDestroyed​(boolean bedDestroyed)
        This will also disable team generators if true.
      • getEmeraldGenerator

        IGenerator getEmeraldGenerator()
      • setEmeraldGenerator

        void setEmeraldGenerator​(IGenerator emeraldGenerator)
      • isTrapActive

        boolean isTrapActive()
      • setTrapAction

        void setTrapAction​(boolean trapAction)
      • enableTrap

        void enableTrap​(int slot)
      • disableTrap

        void disableTrap()
      • setTrapChat

        void setTrapChat​(boolean trapChat)
      • setTrapSubtitle

        void setTrapSubtitle​(boolean trapSubtitle)
      • setTrapTitle

        void setTrapTitle​(boolean trapTitle)
      • isTrapAction

        boolean isTrapAction()
      • isTrapChat

        boolean isTrapChat()
      • isTrapSubtitle

        boolean isTrapSubtitle()
      • isTrapTitle

        boolean isTrapTitle()
      • getDragons

        int getDragons()
      • getEnemyBaseEnterSlots

        java.util.List<java.lang.Integer> getEnemyBaseEnterSlots()
      • getMembersCache

        java.util.List<org.bukkit.entity.Player> getMembersCache()
      • destroyData

        void destroyData()
        Destroy team data when the arena restarts.
      • destroyBedHolo

        void destroyBedHolo​(org.bukkit.entity.Player player)
        Destroy bed hologram for player