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TeamSelector - Class in com.andrei1058.bedwars.teamselector.api
TeamSelector() - Constructor for class com.andrei1058.bedwars.teamselector.api.TeamSelector
TeamSelectorAbortEvent - Class in com.andrei1058.bedwars.teamselector.api.events
TeamSelectorAbortEvent(Player) - Constructor for class com.andrei1058.bedwars.teamselector.api.events.TeamSelectorAbortEvent
This is called when a player leaves the arena and his data is removed from team selector
TeamSelectorAPI - Interface in com.andrei1058.bedwars.teamselector.api
TeamSelectorChooseEvent - Class in com.andrei1058.bedwars.teamselector.api.events
TeamSelectorChooseEvent(Player, IArena, ITeam, ITeam) - Constructor for class com.andrei1058.bedwars.teamselector.api.events.TeamSelectorChooseEvent
Called when a Player joins a team via team selector
TeamSelectorOpenEvent - Class in com.andrei1058.bedwars.teamselector.api.events
TeamSelectorOpenEvent(Player) - Constructor for class com.andrei1058.bedwars.teamselector.api.events.TeamSelectorOpenEvent
Called when a player opens the Team Selector GUI
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